Date of Award

Spring 2016

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Alissa Nutting


I have created this story to capture how human suffering is often contained, perpetuated, and reinforced by a cycle of fear and emotions that result from the psychological neurosis of humans themselves due to inescapable insidious reflections. What I mean by insidious reflections is how one's own reflection in the mirror can manipulate one’s perception of oneself. In this story I explore the notion of individuals mirroring each other by inflicting torture onto others that they are unaware of because they are simply "mirroring" someone else's behavior. I am inspired by Stanley Milgram's documented film experiment An Obedience to Authority because it showcases how individuals follow orders and mirror the behavior of others without considering the repercussions of their behavior. This story examines what happens when we are prisoners of our own reflections, what happens when we mirror or follow the orders of someone else without regard to consequences, and what happens when we are rejected by that which we mirror.

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