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The purpose of this research was to quantify the magnetooptical properties of monosodium urate (MSU) crystals that would allow for an easy diagnosis using a magneto-optical device (MOD). Characterization of these magnetic and optical properties was achieved by measuring the transmitted light intensity of a laser shining through a sample of monosodium urate with or without an applied (static) magnetic field. Using our theoretical model under the simplifying assumption that absorption is dominant, we determined that the extinction cross-section is σ𝑥 = 0.0127 cm3 /μg and we determined σ𝑧 using two different relationships which gave two distinctly different values. Due to this 78.8% difference in our calculations of σ𝑧 , we determined that the extinction cross section for MSU crystals relies on both scattering and absorption interactions.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Advised by Dr. Danielle Kara and Dr. Jeffrey Dyck, Physics

Examining the Optical Properties of Monosodium Urate for the Detection of Gout Using a Magneto-Optical Device (MOD)