Tributes to Jonathan J.G. Alexander: The Making and Meaning of Illuminated Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts, Art & Architecture


Gerry Guest

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Publication Date

January 2006


In this volume honoring the well-known scholar of illuminated manuscripts, 38 senior scholars have contributed essays of their research, with b/w plates of the highest quality included for their illustration. There are essays on marginalia, the interaction of text and image, cultural context, and workshop methods. Seven essays are included on artists and scribes (one is in Italian), with contributions by Lilian Armstrong (Wellesley College, Massachusetts), Benjamin David (Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon), and Lawrence Nees (U. of Delaware). Indexes are included of manuscripts, printed books, artists, scribes and painters, owners, and patrons. A complete bibliography of Alexander (Institute of Fine Arts, New York U.) is also provided.