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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Johansen


To conduct molecular studies of cyanobacteria of Lagos, Nigeria, a total of eight soil/subaerial samples were collected in Lagos State, Nigeria, and used to isolate cyanobacterial cultures that were characterized microscopically, sequenced, and phylogenetically analyzed. Within the resulting set of cultures, a number of Synechococcales were observed, particularly belonging to Oculatellaceae. “Egbenema” and two new putative species of the recently described genus Albertania were found. Both genera belong to a supported clade within the Oculatellaceae that includes Trichotorquatus and Komarkovaea. The two new putative species of Albertania, A. egbensis” and “A. latericola”, were from the same sample, but phylogenetically were separate based on 16S rRNA gene phylogenies, percent identity below the 98.7% threshold, and ITS percent dissimilarity >7.0%. “Egbenema aeruginosa was phylogenetically separated from Trichotorquatus and Albertania but was in a clade with other strains belonging to “Egbenema”. Two of these “Egbenema” strains will also be named in order to provide a more complete taxonomy of the genus, “Egbenema epilithica from Puerto Rico and “Egbenema gypsiphila from biological soil crusts in New Mexico. Our results support the hypothesis that further species discoveries of tropical cyanobacteria will likely be made as West African aquatic and subaerial habitats are sampled and studied.

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Biology Commons