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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. Douglas Bruce


Little research has been done on gay potential relationships (when two daters had gone on five or fewer dates or would-be dates), and there was no existing research available on romantic rejection in gay potential relationships. Most existing literature on romantic rejection focused on heterosexual relationships and long-term homosexual relationships. This thesis analyzed 48 blog entries from four publicly-accessible gay dating blogs ( The Guyliner ; It Gets Worse ; Gay Dating Stories ; and 100 Guys, 100 Storie s) that described romantic rejections. This thesis concluded romantic rejections for the four gay bloggers overall were most frequently implicit, due to a violation of expectations, and used face-detracting rejection strategies; offering a reason and silence were the most common rejection strategy sub-categories. Results varied between blogs, and each is reported within this thesis. The results of this content analysis offer a framework for understanding romantic rejection in the gay community regarding types of rejections, reasons for rejection, and rejection strategies used in potential relationships.

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