Date of Award

Winter 2016

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Johansen


A total of 48 strains of thin, filamentous cyanobacteria in the Synechococcales were studed by sequencing 16S rRNA, rpoC1, and rbcLX gene fragments. A subset of these were carefully characterized morphologically. Bayesian analysis of the 16S rRNA gene data in a large alignment of Synechococcales (345 OTU's) was in agreement with the phylogeny based on the rpoC1 gene for 59 OTU's. Both indicated that the large family-level grouping formerly classified as the Leptolyngbyaceae could be further divided into four family-level clades. Two of these family-level clades have been recognized previously as Leptolyngbyaceae and Prochlorotrichaceae. The Oculatellaceae fam. prov. and Trichocoleaceae fam. prov. are proposed for the other two families. The Oculatellaceae was studied in greater detail, and seven new genera containing 14 species were characterized and named. These new taxa are: Pegethrix botrychoides sp. prov., P. olivacea sp. prov., P. convoluta sp. prov., P. indistincta sp. prov., Francisia lurida comb. prov., F. hepatica sp. prov., F. fasciculata sp. prov., Cartusia fontana comb. prov., Joesphinia torsiva sp. prov., J. nuda sp. prov., Gardneria angustata sp. prov., Kaiparowitsia implicata sp. prov. , Thallothrix obliquedivisa sp. prov., T. radians sp. prov.

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