Date of Award

Spring 2018

Degree Type


First Advisor

Dr. Mary Beadle


Living with an autoimmune disease impacts a person in so many ways. Every step along the way is a journey and in order to live a life with few complications, planning is a must. This documentary shows how a young female physician, Melissa, maintains her personal life while battling with her health. This paper describes her character and the processes used to make a documentary film, A Doctor’s Fight Documentary. This film captures the life of a Emergency Room Physician who tends to the life and death situations of her patients and maintains her personal life while battling with Type 1 Diabetes and Grave’s Disease. With a fairly new and complex diagnosis of these two autoimmune diseases, this doctor is working on being an exceptional physician, and balancing a lifestyle that is healthy, active, and fun. The documentary provides insight on how an individual with Type 1 Diabetes and Grave’s Disease lives daily and explores the challenges of working as an Emergency Room Physician. The documentary used techniques learned in filmmaking from my graduate studies program to create a realistic experience for the subject and the viewer to watch and to learn about these two diseases.

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Communication Commons