Hailey Meinen

Date of Award

Spring 2015

First Advisor

Dr. Alan Stephenson


his documentary serves as an introduction into the radio industry, intended for high school or college students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting. Former, current, and future members of broadcast careers were interviewed in order to gain insight into the changes the industry has seen and is still undergoing, as well as the demands and expectations professionals in the industry can expect to face.

It seems that a major problem facing students is the pressure to choose a career without having sufficient access to resources which give insight into the details and demands of the profession. This documentary was originally conceived as a pilot of a series of similar films showcasing diverse career options in a realistic manner.

Interviews were obtained from professionals with a variety of experiences in the radio industry in order to sufficiently gain unique opinions, as well as to showcase changes that have occurred in the industry over the past several decades. In the footage, a former DJ talks about the changes that he has observed and experienced since he left the industry, as well as his speculations about other ways the process may have changed. Additionally, a general manager who has been interested in industry since childhood discusses the changes he has observed.

The main focus of the documentary, however, is on the process of entering, working, and advancing in the industry. The subjects give advice and their honest opinions on both good and bad aspects of their jobs, providing valuable insight for viewers

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