Date of Award


First Advisor

Dr. Saman Zehra


Throughout the past decade, there has been a slow and steady rise in the number of online streaming platforms. Websites such as YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix have all taken the globe by storm with their compelling stories and interconnected communities. The numbers alone for each of these platforms speaks volumes to their prevalence in society; YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, Netflix has well over 167 million consumers, and Twitch currently has 15 million daily active users (Frade, 2021). From this, of course, arises companies’ desire to broadcast their products and services to the vast number of people who are using these services in hopes of gaining their attention and eventually brand loyalty. However, viewers on these platforms are well aware of advertising tactics of older mediums, meaning that these companies must find modern methods to meet the desires of their consumers. This research, through two online experimental studies explores the advertisement format-choice and their attitudes and preferences on different types of streaming platforms. Implications for marketing practitioners and consumers are also discussed.