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Journal of Management Education


Issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are timely topics in business, education, and politics. As Associate Editors for the Journal of Management Education (JME) we recognize the journal’s ability to contribute to these conversations. In this article, we take stock of DEI research in JME and review 17 exemplary articles published since 2000. A common theme in these articles is that management educators play an important role in creating inclusive classrooms to educate the next generation of leaders of multicultural organizations and that this task should be done proactively. Yet, even the most well-intentioned faculty members may be worried or lack the confidence to handle DEI-related challenges and conversations in the classroom. This collection of articles is intended to help guide business faculty through the unprecedented challenges associated with teaching DEI or having difficult discussions about diversity. The articles in this collection (1) advance the way we think about DEI by offering frameworks, reviews, and new perspectives, (2) address some of the most pressing and prevalent issues related to cultural-diversity and gender, and (3) provide activities and exercises to be implemented in the classroom to increase student sensitivity.

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