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MicroPib Biology


Germline stem cell proliferation in C. elegans requires activation of the GLP-1/Notch receptor, which is located on the germline plasma membrane and encoded by the glp-1 gene. We previously identified several genes whose products directly or indirectly promote activity of the GLP-1 signaling pathway by finding mutations that enhance the germline phenotype of a glp-1(ts) allele, glp-1(bn18) . Here, we report phenotypic and molecular analysis of a new ekl-1 allele, ekl-1(om92) , that enhances the glp-1(bn18) phenotype. ekl-1(om92) is a 244 bp deletion predicted to generate a frameshift and premature termination codon, yielding a severely truncated protein, suggesting it is a null allele.

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