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Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling


The Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate Computational Chemistry (MERCURY) has supported a diverse group of faculty and students for over 20 years by providing computational resources as well as networking opportunities and professional support. The consortium comprises 38 faculty (42% women) at 34 different institutions, who have trained nearly 900 undergraduate students, more than two-thirds of whom identify as women and one-quarter identify as students of color. MERCURY provides a model for the support necessary for faculty to achieve professional advancement and career satisfaction. The range of experiences and expertise of the consortium members provides excellent networking opportunities that allow MERCURY faculty to support each other’s teaching, research, and service needs, including generating meaningful scientific advancements and outcomes with undergraduate researchers as well as being leaders at the departmental, institutional, and national levels. While all MERCURY faculty benefit from these supports, the disproportionate number of women in the consortium, relative to their representation in computational sciences generally, produces a sizable impact on advancing women in the computational sciences. In this report, the women of MERCURY share how the consortium has benefited their careers and the careers of their students.

Available for download on Friday, October 20, 2023