Practicums in Online Language Teacher Education Instructors’ Perceptions of Online Teaching and Using Video as a Key Practice

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Book Chapter

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Online Education for Teachers of English as a Global Language


Online language teaching education (OLTE) courses with practicum components are an under-researched area that deserves more attention due to the importance of such courses in providing students with authentic contexts where they can apply what they learn. This descriptive chapter addresses this gap by examining instructors’ perceptions of teaching OLTE courses with practicums and the key practice of using video in such contexts. More specifically, we focus on a literacy course delivered to teacher candidates at a research-oriented university in the western part of the US and a language course delivered to in-service teachers at a neighboring private four-year liberal arts college. Data include semi-structured interviews and questionnaires from instructors teaching these courses. Findings suggest that instructors’ perceptions of online teaching influenced the teaching/learning process and that the incorporation of video was beneficial despite numerous challenges. Implications for teaching OLTE courses with practicums are discussed.