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Laser Physics


We present new results of transition rates for twenty two electric dipole transitions of neutral krypton associated with the 4p55p→4p55 s configurations-based levels covering the wavelength region from 500 to 1000 nm using a krypton filled hollow cathode discharge lamp coupled with a set of four miniature spectrometers. The branching fractions of various dipole allowed transitions were extracted using the observed line intensity ratios, whereas, the absolute values of the transition probabilities were deduced from the measured branching fractions in combination with the known lifetimes of the upper levels. The experimental data are in good agreement with that calculated in the intermediate angular momentum coupling scheme. In addition, line strengths for all the transitions have been extracted using the measured transition probabilities. The J-file sum rule was also tested for each level attached to the 4p55p→4p55 s configurations based on the recently measured and calculated normalized multiplet strengths.

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