Emile or On Education

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One week after Emile arrives in Washington, D.C., to begin his first real job, he finds his new boss, Republican Senator Loman, dead at his desk. Suspecting foul play, Emile covertly investigates who would benefit from the senator's death. Loman was scheduled to vote on a nominee for Secretary of Education for the U.S. government that day, and his vote could have been responsible for changing the direction of public education in America. With the help of Loman's intern Sophie and local reporter Wendy, Emile investigates the agenda of the nominee and the White House administration and finds that it seems to be to abolish state education altogether. But who would be willing to kill a sitting U.S. senator to achieve that goal? Emile's sleuthing leads him to the likely culprits and enlightens him on a range of theories and philosophies of education, as well as the role that both citizens and governments should play in educating a nation's children.