The Fall of the Rebel Angels: Penitence and Devotion in the Très Riches Heures

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Tributes to Adelaide Bennett Hagens: Manuscripts, Iconography, and the Late Medieval Viewer


Honoring the fifty-year career of Adelaide Bennett Hagens at the Index of Christian Art, Manuscripts, Iconography, and the Late Medieval Viewer gathers essays by leading specialists in the field of Gothic manuscripts and related art forms. Centered on the reciprocity between medieval pictures and their viewers, the collection sheds new light on what the seminal art historian Michael Camille memorably described as the image explosion of the later Middle Ages. Contributors include Francois Avril, Paul Binski, Brendan Cassidy, Laura Cochrane, Christiopher De Hamel, Lynda Dennison, Libby Escobedo, Paula Gerson, Judith Golden, Gerald Guest, James Marrow, Michael Michael, Nigel Morgan, Judith Oliver, Elizabeth Radden-Keefe, Alexa Sand, Lucy Freeman Sandler, Jessica Savage, Elizabeth Sears, Alison Stones, Leslie Bussis Tait, and William Voelkle.