Will Power Guidebook

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Will Power is a chapter book that explores the question of free will and the concept of fate. Are we free to make our own paths in life, or are our lives predetermined? Is our fate set, or do we create our own fate? And how much responsibility do we bear for our actions if our fate is set for us and we have no free will? Where does science fit into these concepts? This book introduces children to these questions and more in the context of an exciting, thought-provoking novel.

The Guidebook is the manual for implementing Will Power, but it is called a “Guidebook” instead of a “Teacher Manual” in recognition of the fact that the material within its pages may be of interest to the children themselves, especially if they are motivated to delve more deeply into the content. It provides a summary of the plot developments for each chapter, a philosophical basis for the key concepts of the chapters, discussion questions, and for some chapters, suggestions for further exploration or for activities to extend the learning.