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Spring 2016


This study describes the anatomy of the chondrocranium of Lepidochelys olivacea (Cryptodira, Cheloniidae) through embryonic development, and aims to understand the taenia marginalis. Cleared and double-stained embryos were dissected and observed. The taenia marginalis is present as a thin, ribbon-like process that extends posteriorly from the dorsal margin of the planum supraseptale, and was found to be present as a transient anatomical bridge between the planum supraseptale and the otic capsule in a late Stage 24 specimen. Though present and well-formed for a short period of time, the taenia martinalis is quickly resorbed and is absent in all later specimens examined. Therefore, studies that examine too few specimens or that do not examine the appropriate window of time in development will likely not see this structure, and investigators should be aware that it is easy to overlook this important anatomical landmark.

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