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Spring 2017


The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney that uses channels and transporters to regulate water concentration and recover essential biomolecules. Previous studies in mouse have shown that the proximal tubules, which are primarily responsible for biomolecule recovery, undergo a rapid burst of cell proliferation. Other studies suggest that the development and growth of proximal tubules in Xenopus is regulated by the developmental signaling pathway mTORC1. Here we now identified that various mTORC1 signaling molecules are expressed in mouse kidneys and that they follow a pattern that mimics the previously identified growth cycle. Additionally, comparing mouse kidneys lacking mTORC1 signaling to those with an intact pathway demonstrates, size variations in the kidney structures. Together these data suggest that the mTORC1 pathway is crucial in the development of mouse kidneys and follows a similar expression pattern in the proximal tubules as the Xenopus model.

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